I have a passion for photography and specialise in creating Head Shots and Portraits – using small strobe lights, LEDs and natural light, creating small sets , themes and using lighting for mood and flavour, I work with models, actors, dancers musicians, and business to provide shots for portfolios and social media marketing. More than ever a great looking headshot is important for everyone in representing your brand, YOU.

I have worked in studios large and small and enjoy being creative with studio style shots but I get the most satisfaction in producing images with high production values from small spaces that surprise people. I believe in the “studio anywhere” approach to create commercial quality shots in any location.

Based in Pimlico, London I have a small/micro studio space I use to create classic headshots as well as more experimental imagery based on concepts, themes and inspired by costumes, outfits and lighting to achieve the different looks. My lighting setups compliment the talent in front of my camera as well as the purpose and mood of the shot and I enhance and retouch in post production to finesse and refine the shots even further to achieve the desired end result needed. 
Clients are happy and surprised at the speed of turnaround from photoshoot, to supply of images, to advanced retouching work.

The gallery below is a small example of my work and you can find more at the following locations:

My StarNow online portfolio https://www.starnow.co.uk/johnleigh
On instagram as johnleigh

Im also a member of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew