Whilst I create video content using my DSLR, I am also handling a lange of video editing requests and post production including adding elements into existing footage, enhancing and improving the look and feel, stabilising footage, putting together edits, cuts, intros, re-purposing existing content and shooting new material.

I’m working on several projects currently and will add these into the gallery for interest shortly.

Video project to re-purpose existing content for a client
Guatemala trip video shoot and edit
Fashion Week Shoot and edit at M-Hotel The Strand for Kolchagov Barba brand
A branding video for client wanting a touch of 3D work
Demo reel in need of an update!
Corporate video shoot and edit, FX, 3D
Oktoberfest Munich corporate video shoot and edit
Paddleboard team video shoot and edit including drone
Gym personal training promotional shoot and edit
Private party video shoot comedy scene