A versatile, freelance multi media designer based in Pimlico, London. 

Working collaboratively with businesses, models, actors, dancers, luxury, beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands.


Graphic Design | Web Design | Motion Graphics  | Photography | Retouching  | Video shoots, editing & post production

(Temporary) DEMO REEL

This is out of date and in great need of a refresh but people keep asking me for at least something, so for now whilst I just cant get to it due to project commitments, this placeholder demo reel sits here whilst I work on designing and putting together the all new improved version with latest project content!


Professional design without the agency overheads


I've been fortunate to have been involved in creative work as soon as I left college. I started in Radio at an Independant Local Radio station in the Commercial Production department, writing scripts and booking voice over talent for audio ads.  As an electronic music studio musician this led to music and audio production including writing jingles. I later transitioned into Graphics and Web design which took me into motion and animation work, as well as photography, video, post production, 3D  and VFX.

Having worked for many years within design and marketing agencies and corporate online advertising companies, I have this year been working on a freelance basis providing a professional creative approach for companies both large and small and individual clients. 

This provides clients with benefits of my years of experience and creative work at competitive rates without agency overheads and all whilst in direct communication with the designer / developer on the projects.

I enjoy having a broad ranging creative skillset and am constantly updating, evolving, learning and taking on new skills whilst consolidating existing skills, its an exciting time to be a digital designer, I just love being invovled in a variety of challenges and providing timely creative solutions for projects.


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