A versatile, excitable, freelance multimedia designer and photographer based in Pimlico, London, working with businesses, models, actors, dancers, MUA's, and luxury, beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands.


Graphic Design | Web Design | Motion Graphics  | Photography & Retouch work  | Video shoots, editing & post production


Designs | Concepts | Layouts

Professional design without the agency overheads

My creative background and career in advertising has enabled me to work with a very wide range of clients, companies, brands, campaigns and hundreds of projects. It has inspired, fed, driven and motivated me in cultivating a broad creative skillset and experience that brings added value and versatility to projects.

I enjoy working with digital design, graphics, web design, motion and video work in addition to 3D modelling and animation.

I am in the process of rebuilding this site adding a temporary gallery of some recent design and layout projects giving an overview and a glimpse into the work and  will update when time allows to add more information and project process. 

If you have a project you would like some input and help with I would be interested to see if I could get involved even if its just an informal chat.

PDF Portfolio

Whilst I am still revising and re-building the website I thought it might be useful to 

provide a downloadable short preview PDF portfolio - you can click to view or download 

Demo Reel

My demo reel is a bit out of date (and a tad cheesy), and a refresh is on the cards. Due to current project commitments and deadlines I cant get to it to give this the love and attention it deserves but as I'm receiving requests to show something this reel serves as the reluctant placeholder until I can get to work on putting together an improved version with latest project content.

Photographic work

Headshots, Portraits, Fashion

In addition to my design work, I'm a passionate Photographer creating headshots and lifestyle images.

My specialities are in creating variety and alternative approaches in headshots, portraits and fashion shots and am regularly in touch with local London based actors, models and MUA's on a variety of projects and concepts that interest me. 

From my space in Pimlico, London I create small "sets", sometimes shooting tethered which can be an advantage in collaboration and its all about tailoring the lighting and working the shots to get maximum opportunities in the images captured for interesting new looks in portfolios and social media.

I enjoy the control of my compact studio style setup using small strobes and LED lighting along with diffusion and background colours, textures and lens options.

If you are needing some new shots to update an existing portfolio, start a new one, or you are looking for help with your social media projects, get in touch for an informal chat.

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My name is John Leigh, I've been fortunate to have been involved in creative work as soon as I left college. I started in Radio at an Independent Local Radio station in the Commercial Production department, writing scripts and booking voice over talent for audio ads.  As an electronic music studio musician this led me into music and audio production work including writing jingles. I later transitioned into Graphics and Web design which took me into motion and animation work, as well as photography, video, post production, 3D and VFX.

I enjoy having a broad ranging creative skillset, it takes me in diverse directions and projects and am constantly updating, evolving, learning and taking on new skills whilst consolidating existing skills. It's an exciting time to be a digital creative, I just love being involved in a variety of challenges and providing timely creative solutions for projects.

Having worked for many years within design and marketing agencies and corporate online advertising companies, I have recently been working on a more freelance basis providing a professional creative approach for companies and small businesses and individual clients. This provides the benefits of experience and creative work at competitive rates and speedy turnaround without agency overheads and all whilst in direct communication with the designer / developer on the projects for personal attention.



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